The traditional pen and paper mode of education is slowly fading away with the advent of new age tools and technologies. The student side of the education has already seen a tremendous growth with technology. Technology is omnipresent in human life now, but education sector has seen a very few of it. It can be related to hardships that have been encountered during the transformation to digital education. Educators believe that going digital for them will take and consume time, which impacts the student or the learners growth. Thus, they stick to traditional way of teaching and maintaining the records. This is mostly attributed to the fear of growth hindrance of the learners.

The time to invest in Educator's Tech Tools is approaching.

Educators have the responsibility of inculcating the student with knowledge that is required to become the best in respective field of education. But, do the educators have ample time to finessing the materials required to impart the knowledge? Absolutely not, the educator has lots of records to maintain, briefing with parents, looking after their own families etc,. Having access to the handmade records all time is really impossible. Also with outdated software, where they equally spend time as much as hand recording isn't a good idea at all. The time lost here can be compensated for creating up-to-date contents, communicate better with students and their parents, spend quality time with their own families which is been one of the most worries expressed by the educators. Having a faster access to information to them as well as students will drastically improve the educators overall performance.

Scale up the experiences.

Parents as well as students have suffered so much with poor communication with teachers. Parents of kids are lacking the continuous information on their child's progress. The information available to them are broken or incorrect. The parents will obviously teach children based on the available information for the teachers. Image how the child an be improved if information is continuously available to the parents. The boundaries are limitless with information available anywhere and anytime.

Still hesitant to make the switch?

Rome wasn't built in a day, It might look like a difficult task to switch to digital tools completely for an educator, which is still unproven in many markets. make small amounts of transformation everyday. The small amounts will certainly transform the education with every bit of change made. A you make transformation to digital education tools, you'll certainly feel the and everyone will enjoy the amount of information in their hand. SaaS in education will certainly improve the tools with time as we study the end consumer all the time, thus bringing you more opportunities to boost productivity as the time progresses with innovation.

Why SaaS in Education?

SaaS takes care of all the customer problems and solves that in minimal time-frame.  the information is available anywhere and anytime (Maybe except during a Zombie Apocalypse 🧟). It also helps to rapidly scale your enterprise and not worry about the digital infrastructure needed for scaling. The integrations with other web-services are easily possible with SaaS unlike traditional on-premise software. The updates and security is all handled by the provider of SaaS, thus it always keeps you headache free and enables you to concentrate on the job. Whatever the investment made narrows down to price factor at the end of analysis, There is no price for setting up huge systems, tangled cables, and overheads. It's very minimal compared to setting up the infrastructures and regular upgrades.


It's worth the push to be made for transformation to Digital education tools and make a dramatic change in way student information is delivered. The parents will be more empowered and can open up doors to many students who are looking for better academic evaluation of themselves. With Software as a service in education, 2019 is looking brighter with many people already pushing for the switch to digital education tools. It's better early than late.