Being venturing out on the education domain and by seeing countless of students in schools, we've been always blown by the energy children emit with their friends, family and to their teachers. We talk about the activeness among them and the dedication they show on what they love to do. This makes us realize that we must be always active on what we do everyday and make ourselves more involved in what we do no matter what your age is. Thus, born 'The Classworks Story'.

What's in this blog?

This blog is to give ourselves an opportunity to interact with more people either professionally or personally. We think of using this blog to give tips to parents, teachers, and students about various fields which will help parenting, teaching and learning easy. We may also take this opportunity to discover ourselves and discuss more about the engineering we do in the product - this can be the new ways we employ to make our code optimized and sharing about how we achieved an impeccable  job while setting up something.

We'll be also active on YouTube every week with unique tips - subscribe us by heading here.

Let's be in touch,
Team Classworks!